There is no magic solution to youth education, safety, and empowerment. These are complex issues requiring complex, holistic solutions.

ZanaAfrica addresses these challenges by equipping adolescents in Kenya with the tools they need to safely navigate puberty and unlock their potential.

We have a three-part holistic intervention to support adolescents, informed by our community driven approach. The Nia Program includes sanitary pads; rights-based health education delivered through safe mentors, comics and magazines; and access to support services.

Nia teen magazine
Nia Teen Magazine is a fun, educating publication whose content is drawn from a series of questions Kenyan adolescents asked at various workshops. They are made with the needs of adolescents in mind.

At one of the workshops in Mukuru, a girl said, “In some slum families, girls live with their fathers only and it isn’t easy for them to ask them about general reproductive health so I think there could be a few teachings on that, it would be of great help.”

And so, the five issues of Nia Teen magazine collectively cover Technical Guidelines for UNESCO’s Comprehensive Sexuality Education- upheld globally and by the Kenyan Government as best practice for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) content for adolescents.

Nia Teen Issues:

Nia at home - Issue 1

Nia at home - Issue 2

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