Choice is an understated necessity especially when it comes to menstrual and sexual reproductive health. Choice means that women and girls everywhere can chart the course of their futures and reach for their dreams, confidently.

Nia pads are designed with your needs in mind- comfort, peace of mind and the freedom to be who you aspire to be.

The Nia Embrace
Nia pads maximize on comfort and minimize the cost of menstrual products.

95% of pads burn and chafe. We wanted to change that experience for Kenyan women and girls. Through a decade of research and collaboration, Nia was born. Women and girls across Kenya; from schools to marketplaces, have been involved in the making of Nia Pads. They guided everything from how Nia feels, how practical they are and how much they cost.

What do you get with every Nia pad?

  • Sticker: Offers answers to everyday health and life questions about changing bodies, periods, contraception, pregnancy and more
  • Cotton-textured top layer: It’s soft, keeps your skin dry, does not itch, burn or chafe and offers the comfort you need
  • Thick core layer: made from premium quality cotton-like pulp to give superior absorbency with no gel feeling
  • Long and wide wings with strong adhesive for a dependable all-day hold
  • Leak-proof protection: Impermeable bottom layer

How much does Nia cost?
4 pack – RRP 35
8 pack – RRP 65
10 pack – RRP 78

Nia Pads restore the confidence to live your best life.

Nia is the only pad proven to improve menstrual management in schoolgirls by over 25% from what they currently use.

10% of Nia customers reached out to the health and education partners on the back of Nia pad packs in the first year of COVID-19.

Since 2017, Nia has supported over 68 million hours of comfortable periods for over 300,000 happy customers.

Nia is investing in a generation of women and girls who are bold and confident to step boldly into the promise of their future.

It makes me feel proud to be a girl .”
@YanguNia is a total game changer. I have never looked back.”
“Honestly the best sanitary pad out there….soft as cotton, doesn’t smell or burn you, way cheaper…Annnnnd the beautiful package was designed by our very own…Get them at your local duka or minimart”
“It’s like Kotex, it is soft and comfortable and absorbs nicely

We support your generosity
20% of our sales are from you who volunteer in CBOs, work in NGOs, serve in government, or donate through your religious groups.

We are here for you