4 in 5 girls and boys don’t have the answers to questions about their bodies and rights. No matter what age we are, access to trusted resources that are factual and judgment-free is always a challenge.

Through our partnerships, the best experts are available to offer you these answers for free.

In some slum families, girls live with their fathers only and it isn’t easy for them to ask them about general reproductive health so I think there could be a few teachings on that, it would be of great help. Rosemary, Mukuru Slums

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We all struggle to find the information we need to show up as bold, confident girls and boys ready to seek out our dreams. For you, we’ve made partnerships so you always have access to free information and a judgement-free listening ear whenever you need one.

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Nia Health Link
We created the chatbot by synthesizing over 20,000 questions we've received from adolescents across the years, written in their own way anonymously on pieces of paper. We invite you to ask a question and see how we can support you.

To connect with Nia, add 0111 721 642 to your contact list and send ‘Nia’ via WhatsApp

Nia Hotline
We all need a free friendly voice to guide us through our questions on life, our rights, our bodies – from contraception to menstruation to bodily changes, and more. You can choose to speak to a man or a woman, and in whatever language you feel most comfortable in. The Nia Hotline is available to you 24/7.

Talk to Nia on 0800 721 642 for FREE anytime you like

Nia Program: Dignified Adolescence Builds a Confident Generation
Our outlook on Menstrual Health Management goes beyond sanitary pad donations because distribution alone cannot solve the social issues that make menstruation a taboo. We interact with boys and girls to understand their needs and as a result, offer comprehensive school kits. Through comics and storytelling, we explore complex topics in fun, engaging ways so they can go through puberty with ease.

In an ideal world, all girls and boys can safely navigate adolescence, avoid trauma, and stay in school to step boldly into the promise of their future, breaking generational cycles of poverty in the process.

We change harmful social and gender norms in under two years to meet the pressing need of a rising generation of confident, progressive youth across Africa. We leverage 15 years of experience in adolescent-led content creation for behaviour change to support adolescent mental health, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and safety.

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Nia Yetu in The Communities
It takes a village to raise well informed, confident adolescents
We have created a trauma-informed e-learning program for community leaders and their teams to deliver a tailored version of our adolescent health and life skills program.

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1. Join our training program
Get the tools and the information you need to be a resource for behaviour change and a guide into a world free from menstrual taboos.

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Bulk purchases come at discounted rates so that more girls and women can enjoy comfortable periods.