Megan White wa Mukuria is a recognized leader in the field of menstrual and reproductive health, with over 20 years’ experience in non-profit and for-profit leadership in Kenya. She successfully built ZanaAfrica from ideation into a recognized leader internationally, creating holistic impact in menstrual heath management through policy, product innovation, sales, rights-based health education, and social and behavior change communication. She has participated in several global firsts: entrenching sanitary pads into Kenya’s budgets for schoolgirls (2008); formulating the first Menstrual Hygiene Policy (2013-2020); creating a mobile app to coordinate pad distribution in schools (2013); developing intellectual property of non-wood pulps on commercial pad machines (2012-2015); and, creating a “Fast Moving Educational Good” to leverage fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) into a mechanism for consumer education while expanding access to primary healthcare services.

Megan and her work have been featured in over 40 global news stories and at over 20 conferences in the last four years. She holds a B.A from Harvard where she studied Cognitive Neuroscience – but graduated in Psychology with Honors and certification in Child Psychology and the Law, and Liberation Theology.